Does The Government Owe You Money? Maybe ‘Federal Rent Checks’ Could Help…

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So you may or may not have heard about Federal Rent Checks?

Federal Rent Checks claim they can give you potentially $1,000’s in money that you are owed from the government.

I heard about them whilst doing some research when I came across this article exposing Federal Rent Checks. I was surprised that what was being talked about was even a thing so thought I should conduct my own research and see whether the government really sends them.

It is quite common that we would have come across many articles and information that talk about federal rent checks and there are dozens of people who are pitching for the opportunity across the country.

Hence it would be not a bad idea to know more about it and find out whether it is a big scam or if there is something genuine about it.

Hence, we will get started by understanding what this is all about and try to put things in perspective from the common man’s point of view.

What It Is All About

What exactly are federal rent checks all about? This is becoming quite popular. It basically is about perhaps a way by which one can make money every month. There are others who believe that it is nothing but a scam where some naïve persons are being taken for a ride.

The whole idea revolves around the theory that you could be in a position to receive thousands of dollars every month. When taxes are paid in the USA, these are used for various facilities.

They come in use for building of infrastructure, and also for taking care of NASA, CIA, FDA and others. Hence, the logic of federal rent checks is that this is your own money and the same is being used for keeping the government infrastructure intact.

Further the rule states that these federal agencies are supposed to pay rent for the facilities that are being used by them from tax payers money. Hence, there is a belief that the tax payers should get a part of the rent each month and that is what federal rent checks all about.

Who Is The Founder

The founder of federal rent checks is DR Barton. He has seemingly mastered a way by which one can make six figure income or even more using the power and reach of the internet.

He has mastered the art of making big money using the rent checks of federal agencies though a seemingly proven method. He has become quite popular and he is ready to teach his success story through this program which is an online book that offers the way forward.

How Does The Product Or Service Work?

There are actually a few steps that need to be followed only after which the actual program might work on the ground.

First step is about the federal agencies making payment for rent for the infrastructure and facilities that they enjoy. This includes payments from FBI, Department of Interior, the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, and a few more.

All of them and other agencies put together could be having thousands of buildings across the country. While some buildings are directly owned by the federal government there are many hundreds of builds that are owned as a stake holding.

They are referred to as shareholders and the income generated through rents from the federal agencies are deposited into the treasury account. It is from here that the shareholders get a share of their federal rent checks.

Is This A Scam

Going by reports from a cross section of people, there are reasons to believe that there could be a few people who may have made money out of it.

But on the whole, the majority has ended losing money and therefore it has to be looked at with suspicion.

However, there are a few who have claimed that they are able to collect monthly check through Federal Rent Checks but it has been hard to actually contact these people and verify their claims.

Pros And Cons


  • It is a good concept.
  • It helps some people to earn good money without too much of investment
  • The investment is in the form of taxes which anyhow they will have to pay.
  • There is monthly payout


  • It is more of a concept than a reality.
  • It is considered as unethical and even bordering on illegal money.


In fine, when one looks at the overall idea about federal rent checks, it might look very mouth watering but in practice it has to cross many hurdles and tests before it can be successful for the average person.

I would not rule it out, nor would I say it is a scam but you do need to be careful.

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